The Group’s Head Office is located in the dynamic city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Our campus is set up in partnership with Curtin University, Western Australia. The Business and Humanities, and Science and Computing Schools were set up in 2017, in Dubai International Academic City. In 2018, we launched our  Engineering Pavilion in Dubai Silicon Oasis, doubling in size within a year. Our state-of-the-art campus is set to expand to an additional 25,000 sq ft by the start of 2021.

Employment Principles

Equal Opportunity: We hire individuals whom we consider to be the best person for the job. Gender, race and religion are not taken into consideration. We hire on the basis of qualifications, skills and/or experience.

Equal Pay for Equal Work: TAG does not discriminate on the basis of gender or racial background. Compensation is based purely on merit.

Job versus Responsibilities: TAG does not give jobs, it assigns responsibilities. Employees are judged based on meeting their responsibilities towards the organizationas a whole.

Qualities: Our policy is to hire people with positive attitudes and personal qualities; and the necessary professional skills to ensure a long-term future with the Group.

Candidate Selection: We aim to make sure that your values are in harmony with the corporate values and culture we uphold.

Diversity: TAG employs staff from over 40 nationalities with a strong presence of women in senior and mid-management leadership.



In addition to the annual salary, leave and insurance benefits, TAG invests heavily into its people. Training and development is an integral part of our growth: we facilitate lunch-and-learns, monthly training programs, and financial incentives to encourage staff to further their studies at any of our campuses. Research opportunities are available to our Academics, alongside the requisite funding that can be applied for. We also promote mobility within our campuses and associated entities across Africa and the Middle East, offering the team opportunities to experience and develop further in other markets. TAG strives to create a fair workplace and to be an employer of choice; and in line with our mission to value our team’s families, we offer maternity and paternity benefits. 

Students are at the centre of everything we do.

We develop the people who develop nations.

Our Corporate Culture

Our co-founder Mr Rakesh Wahi, coined a term – LIACC, which stands for Loyalty, Integrity, Attitude, Competence and Commitment. Today, the foundation of our culture as an entity is built on these values.

Our organisation operates with a largely flat hierarchal structure, and we rely on our people to create a positive working environment that works effectively and collaboratively. When you join TAG, you become part of our family. 

Current Opportunities

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We inherently believe in our product, as one of our largest recruitment pools are the students that graduate from our campuses.

Shweta WahiAVP, People & Culture