LUG Hosts Inaugural Richardson Conference

On Wednesday, 24th May, 2017 the first joint conference between LUG and The Richardson Institute of Lancaster University UK was held at the LUG A&C Mall Campus with the theme: Post-Development, Post-Democracy, Post-Colonial Legacies: Evolving Political Landscapes In The African Context.
The event, which was open to the public kicked off with Welcome addresses from Cynthia Forson, Deputy Provost of Lancaster University Ghana, Lawrence Boakye and Alice Judell, lecturers from the LUG Politics, Philosophy & Religion Department, Chris May from Lancaster University, UK and Simon Mabon from the Richardson Institute.
After the addresses, the audience was split into two streams for presentations and smaller group discussions on different subjects. Stream 1 discussed Rethinking Dependence: Looking East and Actors of Development. Stream 2’s subject was Security in the African 21st Century: Actors of Security and Democracy. The sessions started with the presentation of research papers by special guests from Ghana and the UK, followed by questions and in-depth analysis and discussions in the groups.
In the afternoon there were presentations made by students of LUG. The first presentation was made by the Richardson Institute Internship Programme Interns, on the subject Conflict in Ghana: A Case Study of the North and South, where these students presented their findings on the causes of conflict, the role of women and children, and preventers of conflict. Afterwards these interns also presented their Conclusions and Recommendations. The final two presentations were by 3rd year Politics students Abdul-Razaq Balogun and Joffrey Doma who presented their dissertations to the audience. After these presentations the audience split into the two streams again, to continue their group discussions in the learning spaces.